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‘Don’t Kill My Lyme – Just Get Me Better’ explains how the body responds to the disease and to conventional and alternative treatments
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NAPLES, Fla., June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wyatt Palumbo struggled with chronic illness for months, with seven doctors prescribing 17 medications that failed to help. That experience led Palumbo to use his scientific training in chemical engineering and his problem-solving nature to found the Lifestyle Healing Institute.
Palumbo’s book Don’t Kill My Lyme – Just Get Me Better, on how the body responds to Lyme disease as a whole and how it responds to conventional and alternative solutions for this disease, was re-released in June 2022 with a new preface and concluding chapter.
The book embodies the philosophy of Lifestyle Healing Institute (LHI), a natural healthcare company and treatment center offering patients a new, effective therapy for chronic illness, chronic Lyme disease and symptoms resulting from overprescription. LHI has successfully treated more than 1,000 patients since its 2014 founding.
“Other fields of science need to be more actively involved in healthcare,” says Palumbo, a chemical engineer, a legal consultant on cases relating to Lyme disease, and an expert on biofilms and several chronic illnesses. “This is how we ensure that education, sound science and medicine converge to empower patients on their journey to get better.”
Palumbo’s first-hand experience with the debilitating effects of chronic illness led him to use his training in chemical engineering and his problem-solving nature to found LHI and patent its proprietary medical methods and systems.
Two years later, he wrote Don’t Kill My Lyme, to delineate a more efficient and integrative method of healing, disputing the notion your body must “kill” Lyme disease before it can heal from the illness. The book cites more than 100 publications and educates readers on how the body manages Lyme disease holistically, and also how the body handles current conventional and alternative treatments for this disease and others like it.
LHI’s baseline therapy for chronic illness utilizes scientifically validated therapies based on nearly 10 years of research, development and clinical data. Its multifaceted treatment program ensures client participation while also addressing each person’s unique healing needs.
The program begins by testing patients’ levels of over 100 biochemicals to pinpoint what their bodies need to facilitate healing and improve health. Treatments then calm the cells of the nervous system, returning them to their natural parasympathetic healing state.
Once a baseline is achieved, LHI layers multiple treatment modalities into the patient’s individualized program to support health at the cellular, system and whole-person level. LHI assesses the biochemical, emotional, psychological, and lifestyle contributions to a person’s illness and designs a multifaceted treatment program, with the client’s participation, to meet the person’s unique needs for healing.
All of LHI’s therapies are integrated within one program by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and healthcare practitioners with more than 150 years of clinical and medical experience. LHI’s patented holistic approach is delivered in both the clinic’s medical setting and the outdoor community setting of what the team calls its “pharm property,” an outdoor treatment center on several acres where patients and their families can directly experience therapies, take part in group treatments and integrate sustainable healing.
“I was eventually able to find help that worked for me, and so with LHI, we’re giving that back to more people,” Palumbo said. “We’re giving them a different way to solve their health issues and frees them from their chronic symptoms by addressing the whole person, starting with a chemical picture of their body to examining and changing their lifestyle.”
To learn more, visit Information about Don’t Kill My Lyme — Just Get Me Better, including how to order a copy, is also available on the LHI website. The book is also available on Amazon and other online retailers.
ISBN-10: 1537732137
ISBN-13: 978-1537732138
About Lifestyle Healing Institute
Lifestyle Healing Institute is a natural healthcare company and treatment center that strives to make medicine safer, more accessible and more effective. LHI’s patented Baseline Therapy has expanded into nearly 10 years of medical research, development and clinical data that is delivered within one program by an integrative team of doctors and healthcare providers with over 150 years of clinical and medical experience.

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