Health dept red flags rising cases of fever with joint pain – The Indian Express

Chandigarh health department had issued another advisory to encourage citizens to protect themselves from vector-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria.
In this season, Chandigarh has recorded around 550 cases of dengue, with cases of seasonal viral with symptoms of severe pain in the legs and joints with high fever on a rise. Dr Suman Singh, Director, Health Services, said the symptoms of viral and dengue are very similar, and so far, there are two confirmed cases of chikungunya.
The health department (malaria wing), Chandigarh, in a recent advisory, mentioned that due to frequent rainfall in the current month, repeated water collection and stagnation are occurring in man-made and natural sources in and around residential areas. This is leading to the breeding of mosquitoes which has resulted in an increase in cases of vector-borne diseases, especially dengue. Residents have been advised to follow precautionary measures like preventing water logging, using mosquito repellants on exposed parts during the day to prevent mosquito bites, and using mesh doors/windows, mosquito coils, vapour mats, etc.
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