Health secy picks holes in dispensary's attendance system – The Indian Express

UT health secretary Yashpal Garg on Thursday inspected the AYUSH dispensary in Sector 37 where he found two officials absent. Garg went for inspection from 8.50 am to 9.15 am.
Garg observed that two officials were absent and also that the malaria staff was not yet registered on the biometric system and were going ahead with manual attendance only.
On the non-usage of biometric system, he added, “The malaria staff has not yet registered on the bio-metric system and they are still making manual attendance.”
“Let the incharge of Malaria Cell to explain as to why the malaria staff have not yet registered on the bio-metric attendance system and in case of any issue why the higher authorities were not informed,” he said in the orders.
The health secretary made sure that “all the contract/outsourced staff (all the health facilities of Chandigarh Administration), who have not yet registered on the biometric attendance system need to be registered immediately on the biometric attendance system prior to release of salary/wages for the month of November 2022. Statement of bio-metric attendance of each of the month to be uploaded on the official WhatsApp group by fifth day of next month positively.”
During the inspection, the Health Secretary also observed that since dispensary timing is from 09.00 am, the cleaning/sweeping should have been completed earlier so that by the time of arrival of patients/doctors, everything is in place and there is no delay in start of OPD services.
He also observed that “most of the staff of AYUSH was already there before reaching of the undersigned at 8.50 am. Dr. Rajiv Kapila, MO Incharge also reached at about 08.55 am and except one Mehtab ANM, all the AYUSH had reached by 09.00am. The ANM came at about 09.10 am and explained the reason of delay as Parent Teaching meeting of her kid which seems satisfactory and no action is needed. Hence, punctuality of the AYUSH staff during the surprise inspection found to be quite impressive.”
It was also said that the cleaning/sweeping of the dispensary started at 09.00 am and by that time, many patients had arrived.
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