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[Dubai, — October 2022] For the third year in a row, SciCommX is proud to bring the Science Journalism Forum SJF22. The global virtual conference welcomes this year more than 1200 journalists, communicators, writers, publishers, students, and academia who will convene from the 29th of October till the 4th of November in 5 languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.
With the partnership of all leading science journalists’ associations around the globe, the forum launched a rich program covering a wide range of topics and different tracks like climate change and sustainability, exchange experience, the future of journalism, and trending subjects.
This year we are proud to collaborate with new partners and sponsors who helped us to work on a fully packed agenda with about 73 sessions, presented by more than 180 speakers. We are also happy to collaborate with Eurekalert!,  Springer Nature, and  [email protected] to offer fellowships to young reporters and media students who plan to start a career in science journalism” Explains Saad Lotfey CEO of SciComm X and Confounder of SJF
 “This is a forum for all science journalists especially our peers in the least developing countries who can by a click on a button virtually meet the leading figures in science journalism without leaving their homes. We do believe that access to knowledge, workshops, and exchange of experience should be reachable to all media students and future science journalists without worrying about visa approvals or any expenses.” Says Bothina Osama Regional Director and SJF Co-founder
Osama flagged up that for this year, the first 2 days of the conference will be dedicated to workshops in different languages. Among the distinguished activities in SJF22 are keynote sessions, virtual exhibitions, and ‘Meet the Editor’ sessions that will be held in Arabic, Spanish and English with the help of The Open Notebook. At this activity, the journalists and particularly the freelancers are able to present preliminary story pitches to editors from numerous international publications.
Lotfey assured that SJF22 wasn’t possible without the help of more than 53 partners, helped both in building the conference program and in securing the attendance of as many journalists as possible through offering fellowships.
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